Rubber tiles for horses stables

Ecohorse rubber tiles are 100% “Made in Italy” in Ecoplus factory and are commonly used in  the stables and outside in the paddocks.

In the boxes, the use of rubber flooring improuves the comfort of the horse, his safety, contributes to reduce the use of bedding with a relevant saving in the management.

For the corridor Ecohorse tiles of big dimenions easly protect slippery surfaces.

For outside paddocks or wahing areas,  made on ground or gravelly soil, slippery, wet or muddy the use of  Ecohorse tiles improuve the safety and stabilty of the horse.

The gang-way of horse exerciser becomes more uniform, steady, safe, durable, clean with the  use of  Ecohorse rubber tiles.

The floor of Your trailer or van is worn-out and slippery? Special Ecohorse tiles are manufactured  for this application.


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Ecohorse tiles are manufatured with the use of rubber granules obtained from worn-out car tyres SBR. All components are selected for quality degree, duly mixed with resins, highly compressed in a hot/cold processing cycle, by using specific moulds on heavy capacity and thrust pressing lines.

Ecohorse tiles are very well appreciated in the “Horse world”, especially in the boxes as flooring in order to save on  bedding, for protection of vertical walls, in the corridors, in the washing areas, in the horse exercisers, for external paddocks, in all places where is a must to improuve the safety and the comfort  of the horse.

Ecohorse tiles eare commonly used outside directly on the ground or on gravelly soil where it is not possible or not economical to have a cement basement.

Ecohorse tiles are of high density, not draining, antislippery, in order to improuve the comfort of the horse. Easy to be kept clean, can be washed with water with the use of normal detergents. Even when wet their consistence does not change.

Depending on the sizes of tiles choosen, on their use and destination, tiles can be only laid-down on the floor, or glued  by using normal glues for rubber available on the market. We suggest to use profiles for the edges which are on open entry. Tiles can be cut in order to match the real dimensions of areas to be covered.

Ecohorse tiles are manufactured in following dimensions:

1000×1000 mm.

1000×1500 mm.

1500×1500 mm.

1500×3000 mm.

1000×4000 mm.

1250×4000 mm

Standard colour black with the option of tiles pigmented red, or grey.

Other colours on demand.

Antislippery Assure a good stability in all mouvements and in any situation.
High resitence High density tiles to assure a good resistence to wearness
Insulating Improuve thermic and acustic insulation.
Igienic Easy to be kept clean.
Large Sizes Using tiles of large dimensions we obtain higher uniformity and stability of the floor.
Anti Frost Frost resistant.
High comfort Improuve the comfort of the horse, protect the hocks.
Economical Assure an economical benefit in the management of the stable.
Elastic Fits to various surfaces even when not completely uniform.
Safe Improuve the stability and the safety of the horse in any situation.
Durable The particular choice of components grants to Ecohorse tiles an high durability. Resistant to acids. Resistant to atmospheric agents.
Not draining Do not absorbe liquids. Do not modify their consistence even when wet.

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