Horse boxes

Bedding saving

Ecohorse tiles are more and more utilized with customer’s satisfaction inside the boxes as flooring.

The horse, spending a lot of his time in the box, finds a comfartable surface, lays­down without any problem, is protected from the humid and cold pavement, does not slip when lifting up, does not spoil his hocks.

The use of rubber flooring inside the boxes improuves the comfort of the horse, assures an economical benefit in the management of the stable by minimizing the use of bedding, man­power, materials to be littered.

The high stability, the specific weight, the special dimensions of Ecohorse tiles allows their utilisation even on normal grounds wehre it is not possible or economical making a cement platform.

Tiles are even utilized to protect vertical walls of the boxes and washing areas.

Bedding saving

EcoHorse tiles, in recycled rubber are manufactured in following dimensions:

1000×1000 mm.

1000×1500 mm.

1500×1500 mm.

1500×3000 mm.

1000×4000 mm.

1250×4000 mm

Ecoplus advises to use tiles of large sizes in order to improuve the uniformity of the floor. With tiles of large dimensions we minimize the number of junctions between tile and tile, the total surface becomes more uniform, antislippery, and the total weight of tile makes them very stable even when the horse lifts­up.

Examples of tiles advised for standard boxes:

– Sizes of box mt 3 x 3 number of tiles 2 each one mt. 1,5 x 3

– Sizes of box mt 3 x 4 number of tiles 3 each one mt. 1 x 4

– Sizes of box mt 4 x 5 number of tiles 4 each one mt. 1,25 x 4

Eavy tiles of large sizes can be placed directly on compressed, stabilized ground without the use of cement flooring.

Antislippey Assure a good stability in all mouvements inside the box.
High Comfort Improuve the comfort of the horse, protect the hocks.
Economical Assure an economical benefit in the management of the stable, minimizing the use of bedding and other connected costs.
Insulating Improuve thermic and acustic insulation
Safe Improuve the stability of the horse when in the box.
Large sizes Using tiles of large dimensions we obtain higher uniformity and stability of the floor. The box is covered with a limited number of tiles
Not draining Do not absorbe liquids. Do not modify their consistence even when wet.
High resistence High density tiles to assure a good resistence to wearness.
Igenic High density tiles to assure a good resistence to wearness.
Anti­frost Frost resistant
Elastic Fits to various surfaces even when not completely uniform.
Durable The particular choice of components grants to Ecohorse tiles an high durability. Resistant to acids. Resistant to atmospheric agents.

Standard colour black with the option of tiles pigmented red, or grey.

Other colours on demand.