Washing areas

Antislippery rubber tiles

In all stables the washing areas need a particular attention to guarantee the safety of the horses on a surface always wet and slippery. A non slippery surface transmits to the horse a sense of safety and stability.

The special finishing, the characteristic of components grant to Ecohorse tiles high features of not slippery material, grip factor is improuved. Even when continuously wet the consistence of tiles does not change.

On open air, outside, by using tiles of big dimensions it is possible to create washing areas directly on ground, on gravelly soil or similar obtaining washing areas without a cement basement.

Antislippery rubber tiles

Ecohorse rubber tiles are manufactured in following dimensions:

1000×1000 mm.

1000×1500 mm.

1500×1500 mm.

1500×3000 mm.

1000×4000 mm.

1250×4000 mm

Ecoplus advises the use of tiles of large dimensions. By using such type of product you minimize the number of junctions between tile and tile. You get a better stability of the floor even when positioned on gravelly soil, ground thanks to the weight of the each tile.

Antilippery Assure a good stability in all mouvements even on wet surfaces.
High resistence High density tiles to assure a good resistence to wearness.
Igenic Easy to be kept clean.
Big sizes Using tiles of large dimensions we obtain higher uniformity and stability of the floor.
Anti frost Frost resistant.
High comfort Improuve the comfort of the horse.
Economical Assure an economical benefit in the management of the stable.
Elastic Fits to various surfaces even when not completely uniform.
Safe Improve the stability of the horse. Adapt very well on gravelly soil, ground, external areas.
Durable The particular choice of components grants to Ecohorse tiles an high durabiliy.Resistant to acids. Resistant to atmospheric agents.
Non draining Do not absorbe liquids,,Do not modify their consistence even when wet.

Standard colour black with the option of tiles pigmented red, or grey.

Other colours on demand.