Ecopuzzle rubber tiles are 100% “Made in Italy” in Ecoplus factory and are more and more utilized as antischock, safety floor for children playgrounds, in primary schools, in swimming­pools, in walk­-ways.

All Ecopuzzle products are certified according to European Regulation UNI EN 1177 to satisfy the HIC (Head impact criteria) parameters.

Ecopuzzle, is a rubber tile with a typical puzzle­-joint, high resistant, with an high degree of schock absortion, steady, draining, durable.

The particular shape –puzzle­joint– assures a very quick assembling, safe, self-blocking, stable in time.

Ecopuzzle can be positionned on cement floor, or directly on the ground, well compacted uniform and stable. Depending on the use and destination tiles can be just laid­down or glued.

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Ecopuzzle antischock rubber tiles are manufactured by using selected granules obtained from worn­out car tyres, duly mixed with resins and pigment, highly compressed on a hot/cold processing cycle with the use of moulds especially projeted and manufactured.

Ecopuzzle tiles are widely used as antischock flooring in children playgrounds, in kindergarten, in primary schools, in condominiums, in all situations where the safety of children is important. In the walk­ways ecopuzzle tiles improuve the passage of children trolleys even on uneven ground.

Easy to be handled, and positioned, do not require any special knowledge to be laid-down. Can be positioned on cement floor or stabilized ground, compact.

Ecopuzzle rubber tiles  are manufactured in following dimensions:

500×500 mm.

1000×1000 mm.


Tiles thickness varies from 25 mm up to 100 mm in function of HIC (safety factor),  certified according to European Regulations UNI 1177

Ecopuzzle tiles are commonly pigmented in red, green, blue, grey.

Other colours on demand

Certified Ecopuzzle tiles are certified according to European Regulation UNI 1177 with reference to the HIC factor
Puzzle­-joint The particular shape, puzle­joint, grants a quick assembling and an high stability. Tiles are self­-blocking.
Antislippery/strong> Improuve the stability of the User even in extreme situations
High resistence Manufactured to assure a good resistence to wearness.
Durable The particular choice of components grants to Ecopuzzle tiles an high durability. Resistant to atmospheric agents.
Igenic Easy to be kept clean, do not modify their consistence even when wet. The surface gets dry very quickly.
Anti­-frost Frost resistant
Confort elevato Improuve the comfort of User.
High comfort Si adattano alle varie superfici anche se parzialmente disuniformi.
Elastic Fit to various surfaces even when not completely uniform.
Safe Improuve the stability and safety of User even when using children trolleys.
Antischock Absorbe the schock of fall.

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