Floorsport Regular

Rubber tiles for Crossfit

Floorsport Regular is a tile produced with recycled rubber granules, especially projected and manufactured to be used in the Gymnasiums and especially CrossFit boxes.

The particular formulation of the components grant to this product high features of durability, schock absorbing, insonorisation, anti­wearnes even when heavily used.

Floorsport Regular, compact, steady, with an high schock absorbing degree, transmit to the Athlete a sense of security in any situation.

The model smooth, thanks to its very high level of finishing, particularly uniform, flat, very low rugosity, smooth is the up­to­date product with high performances.

Rubber tiles for Crossfit

Floorsport Regular is manufactured in the sizes cm 100×100, dimensions which link an high stability and performance of the product together with a very easy and quick laying­-down of the same.

Standard thicknesses are:

cm 2

cm 2,5

cm 3

To satisfy different needs of Customers Floorsport Regular in the thickness cm. 2,5 is manufactured in two different finishings.

Regular standard product with medium­low rugosity
Regular smooth very low rugosity, particularly flat, uniform.

Regular smooth, manufactured with very high selected components, has a surface particularly flat, very low rugosity, smooth, uniform.

Floorspor Regular can be shaped when laid­down in order to match with the area to be covered. In case of spaces which are not perimetrally contained, we suggest the use of profiles to protect the edges.

Floorsport Regular is manufactured in black colour, or pigmented grey, or red.
Other colours on request.